Girl in Daisies Field

about Ana

¨Alone we are strong, together we are fierce¨
– ancient proverb

my story

I’m a sensitive nature lover, with an inquisitive, creative mind. From a young age, I felt a communion with animals, birds, flowers, and trees, that felt like a calling igniting a spiritual journey. I was grateful for my blessed life but also unsettled by the contradictions that I perceived in my culture and upbringing. My search for truth eventually led to a series of unfortunate events that culminated with a psychological breakdown at 27*. This devastating experience jump-started a tremendous awakening, that I also knew, would take a long time to integrate. 

From Fear to Love


Not long into my recovery, I was married and had a beautiful healthy baby boy. The light in my newborn’s eyes and the gift of motherhood lit the spark of unconditional love. He inspired a deep desire for healing myself, and somehow my lineage, to relieve him from the burden. Nonetheless, a diagnosed thyroid dis-ease (later to be linked to years of silence), and a painful divorce, continued to catalyze my transformation. 

From Conditioning to Freedom


Having reached what felt like a bottomless pit, I also felt disheartened by the western medical system. One that offered an array of treatments that effectively, but only temporarily, masked my symptoms. This was crucial and highly beneficial in the event of a crisis. But in the long run, wouldn’t promise to heal, or even attempt to identify the root cause of dis-ease or alleviate trauma. Over time, I found alternative ways of healing with nutrition, lifestyle, and taking a deeper dive into the ancient wisdom teachings of self-mastery and esoteric knowledge.

From Shame to Forgiveness


I suffered like most “empaths” feeling deeply the pain of others and for the state of the world. But it was only years later, as I dwelled in my own shame, that I finally summoned the courage to face my own shadow. Those aspects of myself had been rejected for so long. What seemed like lifetimes of deeply hidden pain, slowly began to shed and reveal a golden thread. The answer had always been there: it was pure love.

Choosing to take my health and the well-being of my family into my own hands, while opening the heart to divine will, was the key to step into an empowering healing cycle. A leap of faith was necessary to enter a flow and keeps evolving. Astrology, tarot, yoga, meditation, plant medicine, aromatherapy, sound healing, and creative expression, have been constant companions in my healing journey; as well as the many teachers whom I'm deeply grateful for they have been my guiding lights.

Today I share my experience and the tools that I've gathered along the path that have shown to be valuable to my growth. Everything that has made a real difference in my healing journey and that has shown tangible results  – with the desire – that they'll be useful to you and bring some inspiration and relief in your own journey ... a spark of luck, and a few laughs along way.

* For more information on cult recovery please visit ¨Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult¨. The award-winning, four-part documentary by Cecilia Peck on Starz/Amazon Prime.


Ana speaks about her recovery and has advocated for several projects that bring light to the subject of healing from high control groups and indoctrination, reclaiming freedom of thought, and upholding sovereignty.