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Ciudad de México, México.

Ana Cecilia Stieglitz

M.S. , C.H.H.C.  Mother, Actress, Spiritual Alchemist.

  • Master in Science, Communication Design [M.S.], Pratt Institute NYC.

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach [CHHC], Institute for Integrative Nutrition [IIN].

  • Integrative Yoga Therapy, 200 Hr. Teachers Training, [Jay Brown & Mark Whitwell] Abhyasa Yoga Center, Brooklyn NY. 

  • Acting DYOM, Script Analysis, Scene Study [Susan Batson Studio] NYC.

  • Communication Studies [Universidad Iberoamericana] CDMX.

  • Initiate @ [The Modern Mystery School] Toronto, Canada.



The Shadow

Concept baptized by psychologist Carl G. Jung as ¨the shadow of humanity¨ or the collective unconscious.


To understand and transcend these unconscious patterns that keep us bonded to destructive patterns in relationships, health, wealth and all other areas of life. Expectations and illusions inevitably lead us to disappointment. These painful experiences also open the doors of freedom.

Shadow work is an act of courage, becoming aware of  unresolved aspects of ourselves, what we resist, judge, and especially what we reject in ourselves and others.

¨As above, so below, as within, so without¨


The second of the seven principles of Hermetic Gnosticism recognizes the true nature of our existence. We are individual and collective consciousness.

As we learn to shift our consciousness into a higher & subtle frequencies, we access a wider perspective, and can see ourselves reflected in the world and in all circumstances. W can deprogram and rewire our brain to reconnect with the wisdom of the heart center, reintegrating the disowned parts of our selves. That is healing from the root cause.

Our unconscious communicates through the body and as a mirror in every moment of life. We can learn to see beyond matter, listen to our intuition, breath deeply, and drop the masks that separate us.


We can dissolve the limiting belief system imposed through violence and fear. These unconscious thought patterns are encapsulated feelings of unresolved suffering, bottled pain, shame, loneliness and guilt. We are now healing from millennia of social- economic, political and religious programming; an era of repression.

As a society in transformation living in a fast pace, highly technological world, Constant change is the only constant and our only certainty. Waking up to this reality is the first step to discover our true potential and spiritual purpose.

Tarot reading is a spiritual therapeutic practice with Gnostic roots in Kabbalah and advanced civilizations like ancient Egypt and Atlantis.


This spiritual process reflects your journey. It represents a mirror of your inner world and opens a channel for communication with your higher self, your guides and angels,to give you peace of mind and clarity to find the resolution to any situation

For your highest good and the highest good of all.

We recommend watching Debbie Ford's documentary: The Shadow Effect (YouTube)

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