Like the essence of a flower or a unique fingerprint, a birth chart is the map of the cosmos at the moment of birth; a picture of the solar system influencing all of life on Earth.


An astrology reading shines a light on all aspects of the self, the conscious and unconscious patterns -- the light and the shadow -- illuminating where we flow with ease, and where challenges may arise allowing for sef-healing, expansion, and deepening of the true self.

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About Ana

Ana Cecilia has been dedicated to healing and wellbeing for more than 15 years. She is a mother, performing artist, certified holistic health coach, restorative yoga & meditation teacher, and holds a master in science degree in communication design from Pratt Institute. Ana offers coaching sessions that promote self-healing, the release of what is no longer needed, and the integration of polarities; for harmony in relationships and with nature's principles.


  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN - Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC

  • Restorative Yoga - 200 Hr Teachers Training [Jay Brown & Mark Whitwell] Abhyasa Yoga, Brooklyn, NY

  • Master in Science - Communication Design [Pratt Institute] NYC

  • Developing Your Own Method Acting; Scene Study; Script Analysis with Susan Batson [Susan Batson Studio] NYC




Steph Bunt


¨My experience with Ceci was totally positive and unexpected. She gives the right and necessary tools so you can heal and understand the present in order to make better and more conscious decisions in the future. I highly recommend this reading as an opportunity to realize unknown or deeper parts of ourselves we need to work on to help us grow. Ceci connects and understands from a perspective with love. 


Lisa Depsey

Makeup Artist

¨I had the most incredible session with Ana Cecilia. She has this light that just exudes from her and is felt. So many moments where everything just hit right at home. And the weeks following, other things made complete sense, as well. I am so grateful to have had that connection and time with her. I will definitely be scheduling another session.



Jaime Gil

 Visual Artist

"Ceci's advice was very clear and positive to me. I think she is gifted with the ability to guide. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."