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The most sophisticated people I've ever known had just one thing in common: they were all in touch with their inner children. ” -Jim Henson

From Skye Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book: Dates for inviting her: July 3-9

We celebrate the Celtic mother goddess Danu this week when the sun is in Cancer, the zodiac sign astrologers connect with motherhood. Danu is the oldest of the Celtic deities, dating back to the time when goddesses based spirituality predominated before Christianity moved into Ireland and supplanted the old ways. 

Long, long, ago. the goddess Danu brought her chosen people- the deities known as the Tuatha De Dannan- back to reign in Ireland after a period of exile, guiding them with the force of her magical powers. This proud race, whom legend says originally ruled Ireland, had suffered a great diminishment in terms of power and self-esteem,  but with Danu´s leadership they recaptured their place of respect in Ireland. There she continued to guide and protect them lovingly, teaching them agriculture and sharing her vast knowledge of healing, art, poetry, and fertility with them. Myths say she birthed their leader, Dagda, and is thus the divine matriarch of this legendary race of deities. Tuatha De Danann means ¨children of Danu.¨

Folklore tells us the goddess visits the fairy folk, whom legends say live in Ireland´s underground sidhe. These burrows in the country's hills are believed to serve as portals into other levels of reality. Some stories say the Tuatha De Danann now abide there among the fairies. 

As a creator fertility goddess, Danu blends the two feminine forces, earth and water, and their physical counterparts on our planet. Therefore, she signifies fertility and fruitfulness. Through these elements, she also represents change and movement (water´s ebb and flow) as well as the earth's seasons. Her name means ¨flowing one¨ and throughout Ireland rivers, streams, and wells and even Europe´s Danube, are named for her. The Irish also connect her with sacred stones and sites where her power resides, including the 5,200-year-oldchild-rearing passage tomb Newgrange. 

Parents or soon to be parents can summon this mother goddess to assist them in the challenges of the child rearing. Danu will lend you her wisdom, guidance, and protection. She can also teach you how to love and care for the members of your family, even the difficult ones, and by extension, the human family to which we all belong. This week is also a good time to nurture yourself and your inner child. Shower yourself with TLC you give to others. Let the ¨flowing one¨ wash away old hurts, fears, and outdated ideas that may be standing in the way of your happiness.

As children, all of us suffered criticism, loss, anxiety, and other traumas that may have left wounds that still ache today. These meditations connect you with Danu and opens your heart to receive her nurturing and healing love. 

1.- Sit in a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Turn off your phone, tv, and other distractions. 

2.- Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply.

3.- Imagine you are a child and you are sitting beside a beautiful stream. The goddess Danu is sitting next to you, and you feel safe and happy in her presence. 

4.- Now recall a time during your childhood when you felt sad. afraid, shamed, or hurt in some way. Allow the emotions from that time to slowly bubble up from within you. 

5.- Feel the goddess take you in her arms and embrace you. She invites you to climb into her lap, where she holds you and rocks you gently.

6.- Wrap your arms around yourself as Danu promises she will take care of you. 

7.- Continue hugging yourself as the goddesses´s love flows into you. Feel the pain easing as you keep breathing slowly and deeply.

8.- Hear the peaceful rippling of the stream and sense it washing away the old unhappiness that no longer serves you. Feel yourself growing calmer, stronger, and more joyful.

9.- Do this for as long as you wish. When you are ready, thank Danu and open your eyes. 

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