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“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

-E.Y. Harburg

From Skye Alexander´s  “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: May29-June4

In Greek mythology, Iris is a divine messenger. Therefore, during this second week of Gemini, which astrologers consider the sign of communication, we honor this beautiful goddess who not only fostered communication between the Olympians, but also governed the interactions between land, sky, and sea.

Legends tell us the speedy Iris was kept busy carrying messages back and forth between deities. Sometimes shown with wings, Iris also flew down from Mount Olympus regularly to let mortals know the wishes of the gods and goddesses and brought back new of early goings on to the Olympians. She predates the better known messenger Hermes, and according to Homer´s epic Iliad, only Iris was trusted to convey information from Zeus. In addition to her job as cosmic postal worker, Iris served as assistant to the Greek´s top goddess, Hera, wife of Zeus. This divine couple was notorious for their squabbles, and Iris often meditated for them. Artists sometimes show her standing between the two deities and offering them a loving cup to dispel their discord.

The ancients knew Iris as the goddess of the rainbow; her name means ¨rainbow¨ in Greek. Visually, the rainbow´s arc joins heaven and earth, forming a colorful symbol of the connection between the deities and humankind, as well as the goddess´s role as liaison between the two realms. The rainbow signifies Iris´s parentage too, her mother, Elektra, was a sky/cloud nymph and her father Thaumas, a sea god. Together, air and water (plus sunshine) create rainbows.

In metaphysics, the element air and water represent intellect and intuition, respectively, suggesting that Iris uses both forms of communication to share cosmic information with us. This rainbow goddess´s association with the elements of air and water also symbolizes the benefits of combining logic and imagination, left and right brain functioning in our everyday lives. By utilizing both, creations born of divine inspiration become possible.

Art and legend, sometimes depict Iris holding a vessel with which she collects water from earth´s rivers and seas, and then brings it back to the heavens to refill the rain clouds.

Whenever you need to communicate effectively with someone, especially if the usual methods aren´t working, ask Iris to convey your message quickly and clearly. Due to her facility in both intellectual and intuitive areas, she can teach you the best way to tap into divine guidance and to share information gleaned from the higher realms. Her experience in dealing with Hera and Zeus has honed her skill in the art of romantic negotiation, so if you've hit a snag in discussions with a lover, invite Iris to smooth the way. She can help you communicate with the deities and journey into the realm of spirit, where higher knowledge awaits you.

This ritual utilizes the powers of thought and word in creating your physical reality. before a situation takes form in the material world, it develops in the realm of ideas and imagination. This is the secret behind the Law of Attraction. When you communicate with Iris in this way, she´ll gladly assist you in making your wish come true. You´ll need:

. Colored pencil or markers

. Paper

. An envelope

  1. Think of something you want to happen in your life, then choose a pencil or marker of a color that represents your objective; pink for love, gold for prosperity, blue for serenity, green for healing or growth, etc.

  2. On the paper, write a letter to Iris asking her to help you create the result you desire, state your intention in a positive way, for example ¨please bring me good health¨ not ¨keep me from getting sick¨

  3. While you write, envision the outcome you seek, as if it already exists for you.

  4. When you've finished, read the letter aloud to Iris and thank her in advance for her assistance.

  5. Fold the letter and slip it into the envelope. Draw a rainbow on the envelope.

  6. Sleep with the letter under your pillow at night, until your wish comes true.

From the Goddess Power Oracle deck.

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