“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”

―Gerard Way

From Skye Alexander's ¨Your Goddess Year¨Book:

Dates for Inviting Her: November 6-12

In India, the festival Kali Puja, where followers gather to worship the Hindu goddess Kali, takes place during October or November on the night of Kartik Amavasya, the new moon day. Folklore says that evil spirits abound on this night, but the fierce destroyer goddess protects her people from harm. This week, we, too, honor Kali and ask her to keep us safe.

Art and legends connect Kali with skulls, which represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Of course, the skull also safeguards the body's most important organ: the brain. Use a small likeness of a skull as a symbol of protection or strength.

Wearing a necklace of skulls and brandishing a bloody sword, Kali is a fearsome sight indeed. Sometimes she wears a skirt made of severed arms and holds a head with one of her four hands. One myth tells us the goddess Durga birthed Kali from her forehead during a time when powerful demons had brought chaos to India, forcing the gods to hide out in the Himalayas. With her two companions, the ferocious Kali made short work of the demons.

she sliced off their heads and hung them around her neck to demonstrate her divine strength and courage. However, Kali's bloodlust didn't end when she'd finished off the last of the demons-she started indiscriminately slaying everyone who crossed her path. It soon became evident that the goddess had lost control of her

reason and must be stopped so that peace could return to India. The great Lord Shiva, determined to halt Kali's reign of destruction, lay down in front of her. When she accidentally stepped on his chest and realized what she'd done, she stopped fighting.

Kali's struggle against evil involves combating not only outer demons but inner ones as well. Usually depicted as a dark-skinned goddess with a blood-red tongue, she's a formidable force in a dangerous world. Thus Kali is both feared and loved by her followers, for she keeps devils at bay and brings peace out of chaos.

According to legends, Kali is sometimes viewed as an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga, or as Durga's daughter, or the destructive aspect of Durga. She's also linked with the Hindu goddess Tara (June 12-18) in her blue and black aspects.

Are you dealing with people or conditions that wreak havoc in your life? Is an adversary threatening your peace of mind? If so, call upon Kali to help you disperse tension, overcome enemies, and eliminate the causes of distress that are interfering with your well-being. If the demons lie within you in the form of, for example, addictive habits or unhealthy attitudes, Kali can show you

how to cut them loose and free yourself from their influence. She'll put you in touch with your innate power and give you the courage to assert yourself with confidence. With her sharp sword, she can slice through illusions and unfounded fears, enabling you to take control of your life.

Kali Puja, which means "Kali worship, " has two purposes: to eradicate evil and to bring happiness and peace. The following ritual draws upon traditional elements of her festival. You'll need:

Lentils and rice (and spices of your choosing)

Modeling clay

A colorful Indian shawl or tablecloth

1 black and 1 white candle

2 candleholders

Matches or a lighter

Red hibiscus flowers (if you can't find real flowers, use paper ones or pictures downloaded from the Internet)

Firecrackers or sparklers (optional)

1. Prepare a dish of lentils and rice, adding any other ingredients you choose.

2. While the lentils are cooking, fashion an image of the goddess from the modeling clay.

3. Spread the shawl or tablecloth on your dining table. Then put the

candles in the candleholders, place them on the table, and light


4. Set the clay image between the candles, and arrange the flowers

around her.

5. Invite Kali to join you as you eat the ritual meal of lentils and rice.When you sense her presence, explain to her your situation and

ask her to assist you in bringing about the result you desire.

6. After you've finished eating, extinguish the candles. Light sparklers or set off fireworks if you want to (and if it's safe and legal where you live). Otherwise, turn on the lights inside and outside your home to chase away evil spirits.

7. Thank Kali with prayer and mantras.

photo credit http://sharanya.org

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