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¨What is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and stil lives¨

-Rupi Kaur

From Skye Alexander's ¨Your Goddess Year¨

Dates For Inviting Her: October 9-15

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, October is one of the loveliest times of the year. This week, therefore, we celebrate the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who personifies love, beauty, art, peace, and pleasure. Her signature fruit, the apple, is in season now too.

According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Aphrodite had three companion goddesses, known as the Charites: Aglaea, whose name means "splendor"; Euphrosyne, whose name means "good cheer"; and Thalia, whose name means"abundance."

One of the best-known goddesses in the Greek pantheon, this love goddess was co-opted by the Romans as Venus, and she has equivalents in many cultures worldwide, including Amaterasu (July 17-23) in Japan and Oshun (August 14-20)in West Africa. Aphrodite bears a resemblance to the earlier Sumerian goddess Inanna (April 10-16) and may have derived from her.

Although sensuality is one of her main attributes, Aphrodite is also revered for her intellect and knowledge of art, culture, and the finer things in life.

As the goddess of erotic love, Aphrodite had many lovers, including

the god Ares. In the Odyssey, Homer describes her as being married to the god Hephaestus, and when the sun god Helios discovered her adultery he told Aphrodite's husband. Hephaestus, a metalsmith, made a gold net and trapped Aphrodite and Ares in flagrante delicto. He then embarrassed his wife by inviting the other deities to witness their infidelity. Other myths say the handsome mortal Adonis was one of her consorts.

According to the Iliad, Aphrodite took part in a beauty contest in

which she competed against two other Olympian goddesses: Hera (October 16-22) and Athena (January 22-28). The Trojan prince Paris was chosen to judge the contest. Poor Paris didn't know what he was getting himself into when he accepted a bribe from Aphrodite -the deal being that if he named her the winner he could have the hand of Helen of Troy, the most desirable woman on the planet. He accepted and awarded Aphrodite the prize: a golden apple. The love goddess kept her part of the bargain, but the resulting affair led to the Trojan War, reminding us to be careful what we wish for.

Art and legend often show Aphrodite with a dove, symbol of peace.

Sometimes she's pictured riding in a chariot drawn by doves. The goddess also appears with swans, which represent love, grace, and beauty.

The winner of perhaps the most elevated beauty contest ever, Aphrodite can show you how to appreciate, accentuate, and express your own beauty. The word aphrodisiac comes from her name-this goddess was notorious for Inspiring love and lust among the gods as well as mortals. She can guide you in all aspects of the art of romance and love, whether you want to attract a new partner or to increase the passion in your current relationship.


Invite Aphrodite to help you increase the ardor in a romantic relationship by making a flowery love talisman. Note that all the flowers used in this ritual are associated with love and sensuality.

You'll need:

A pretty bowl, perhaps one decorated with a floral design

Dried red rose petals

Dried apple blossoms

Dried myrtle flowers

Dried jasmine petals

7 love poems-ones by poets you like (or ones you've written yourself)

A red drawstring pouch (preferably silk)

1. Set the bowl on a table or other place where it can remain for the


2. Fill the bowl with the dried flowers and mix them together with

your hands.

3. Call upon Aphrodite and ask her to help you achieve your heart's


4. Read a poem aloud, while you envision enjoying the love you seek.

Feel the goddess's energy infusing you with her divine power of


5. Repeat for another six days.

6. At the end of the seven days, fill the silk pouch with the dried petals and tie it closed with three knots. Thank the goddess for her

help. (If you have any of the flower mix leftovers, sprinkle them outside your home.)

7. Place the talisman on your nightstand or sleep with it under your pillow.

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