Updated: Jun 12

“Someone told me there’s a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair”

-Robert Plant

From Skye Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: April 24-30

This week at the height of springtime, we honor Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, her festival known as floralia begins on April 27th. According to mythology this beautiful spring goddess not only presided over flowers, but was also responsible for all the crops that blossomed. She encouraged plants to bloom abundantly and protected them against insect pests, diseases and harm of all kinds. She’ also associated with fertility and abundance. Flora’s festival celebrates beauty, sex, and fertility; the end of cold weather, rebirth, and renewal. The ancient Romans celebrated Floralia with games, chariot races, singing and dancing, and various amusements that had sexual themes. Floras’s followers offered gifts of wheat, milk, and honey to the goddess. Girls and young women dressed in colorful clothing and wore headdresses or garlands of flowers.

Want more joy, love, and abundance in your life? This beautiful goddess can help attract wealth, improve your sex life, become pregnant, or more creative. In short, she’ll show you how to blossom. If you’ve experienced a period of drought, she offers hope and encourages brighter, more bountiful times ahead. As the goddess of flowers, Flora lends her assistance to gardeners, horticulturists, farmers, botanists, and healers who work with plant medicine. She can teach you how to speak the language of flowers and communicate with the devas, the nature spirits that abide in plants and maintain them.

With this prosperity potion you invite Flora to bring abundance of all kinds and to make your life more fruitful and fulfilling. Begin on the first day of this week and continue daily for seven days. Replace the flowers with fresh ones when they begin to wilt.

You’ll need:

•A light green cloth

•A vase full of colorful flowers

•3 different fruit juices (3 is the number of creativity)

•Ginger ale or sparkling water with fresh grated ginger


•A glass pitcher or jar

•A spoon, preferably silver

•A pretty goblet or tumbler

1.Dress in colorful clothing, if you like wear flowers in your hair.

2.Spread the light green cloth on a table and set the vase of flowers on it.

3.Por the 3 fruit juices, ginger ale, and a little honey into a pitcher or jar, while you envision abundance of all kinds coming to you. (Ginger speeds up action and brings faster results)

4.Use the spoon to stir the mixture three times as you ask Flora to help you acquire what you desire.

5.Pour some of the potion into the goblet and sip it slowly. With each sip feel Flora’s creative energy flowing into you, empowering you to attract good things.

6.Refrigerate the potion and drink a little each day, finishing on April 30.

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