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[Fortune and love favor the brave] -Ovid

From Skye Alexander‘s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: June 19-25

The ancient romans dedicated temples to Fortuna, the goddess of good luck and prosperity, on June 24, and celebrated her holiday with revelry. Her most significant and elegant temple, The Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, stood in the old town of Praeneste about twenty miles east of Rome. This week we too honor Fortuna and seek her blessings.

The daughter of the top god Jupiter, Fortuna occupies a lofty position in the Roman Pantheon. She held the fortunes of individuals and of the nation in her hands and is connected with fate as well as luck. She determined the outcomes of battles, the health and well being of Rome‘s citizens, and the success of the emperor, which made her a protector deity too. In early agrarian societies, where a bountiful harvest brought prosperity, she was also seen as a fertility goddess. 

Understandably one of the most popular goddesses among the ancient Romans, Fortuna often appears in art and myths holding a cornucopia, signifying the abundance she bestows on her followers. She's sometimes depicted with a wheel that represents life cycle and the ups and downs that befall human kind, suggesting that she's unpredictable. Her wheel still shows up today in tarot decks as a card called the Wheel of Fortune, which suggests improved conditions, and as a point in astrological charts associated with good luck, known as the Part of Fortune. 

Naturally, this goddess of fate possessed the skill of divination. A type of fortune telling event was held at her temple at Paraeneste, during which a child selected a wooden rod from many on which possibilities were written. The rod chosen foretold what would occur in the coming year. However, Fortuna is sometimes depicted as blind folded or veiled to remind us that the fortunes does not always reveal itself. 

Call Fortuna to help you attract abundance of all kinds, but especially in financial areas. This may mean a raise, a promotion, or return on an investment. This goddess is favorite among gamblers as well, and she may bring good luck in games of chance or offer a stock market tip. She can also show you how to protect what´s yours. Some sources says Fortuna only bestows her favor on people who have earn it through upstanding moral character and good deeds. Consequently, you may want to keep this on mind as you petition her for aid. 

This good luck charm draws on Fortuna´s powers through the imagery of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card to attract prosperity. You'll need:

. An image of The Wheel of Fortune card

. A pen or marker

. A $1 bill (or your currency)

. Transparent adhesive tape

. A gold or silver colored pouch, box, or other container

. Dried mint leaves (to attract money)

. Dried dill (for good fortune)

. Dried parsley (to encourage success)

. Ground cinnamon (to spread results)

  1. On the face of the tarot card image write your intention to attract prosperity, stating your request in a positive way such as 'I now have more than enough money for everything I need and want´

  2. Hold the bill against the back of the card image and tape it 

  3. Slip the card and bill into the pouch, box (fold if necessary)

  4. Sprinkle the herbs into the pouch, box, and close it 

  5. Ask Fortuna to assist you in fulfilling your desire

  6. Place this good luck charm on your desk, in your cash drawer, or in a spot where you will see it often. Or, carry it in your purse or pocket. If you know feng shui, put it in the Wealth Gua of your home, when you stand at your front door looking in, it is the far left section

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