Updated: Jun 12, 2020

“I will imagine you Venus tonight and pray, pray, pray to your star like a Heathen”

-John Keats

From Skye Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: April 17-23

The norse goddess Freya is both a fiery war deity and a goddess of sexual passion. Thus we honor her this week which straddles the zodiac signs Aries and Taurus, both which astrologers associate with sexuality. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of desire and Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and sensuality.

According to norse legend, when valiant warriors die in combat, the goddess guides half of them into her afterlife realm known as Fólkvangr, the other half go to Odin’s Valhalla.

In her role as sex goddess, Freya taught her priestess the dance of ecstasy, which did more than ardor, it also gave them the power of divination. Freya was a noted seer with unparalleled knowledge, she was the one who wove the web of destiny, which governed earthly events. Whenever she wanted to change the course of events, she would rework fate by weaving new situations into the original pattern.

Let Freya show you how to celebrate your beauty and sensuality this week. If your love life has lost its luster this passionate goddess can give you inspiration. If you don’t feel desirable or don’t believe you deserve to be admired, Freya can reduce self judgment and let you appreciate yourself more fully. Call on this strong willed warrior goddess when you feel unappreciated or powerless in a romantic relationship, she’ll teach you how to claim the respect you’re due. If you’re involved in a contentious relationship ask her to show you how to assert yourself in positive ways without wounding your mate or damaging what’s good between you. She can also help you attract abundance by boosting your sense of self worth.

How to invite her:

This practice know as casting a glamour, lets you creat an illusion that temporarily influences people’s perception of you and makes you more attractive to them. Invite Freya to guide and assist you and show you her secrets as you engage this ritual. Because a glamour only lasts for a few hours, perform this ritual shortly before showing yourself to whom you want to when you want to make a positive impression, you’ll need:

  • 2 pink candles

  • 2 candleholders

  • matches or a lighter

  • A mirror, preferably a full length one

  1. Place candles in the candleholders, then light them and set them in a safe place near the mirror. Turn off all other lights.

  2. Stan in front of the mirror and focus on one feature that you find attractive instead of the things you consider imperfections.

  3. As you observe this feature give yourself some compliments.

  4. Expand your attention so that you lavish praise on your whole body. Tell yourself how amazing and desirable you are.

  5. Sense your aura growing bigger and brighter. You might even hear an electric crackling around you or feel some tingling.

  6. Envision divine beauty pouring down over you, like liquid gold. Mentally massage this goddess energy into your aura so that it merges into your own energy field.

  7. Continue doing this as long as you like, enjoy the feeling. Then extinguish the candles and let them see you.

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