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“He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

-Emily Bronte

From Skye Alexander´s ¨Your Goddess Year¨ book: 

Dates for inviting her: October 2-8

The highest ranking goddess in Norse mythology, Frigg governs marriage and motherhood, and embodies the fertility, richness, and maturity we associate with the harvest season of life. The harvest is about bringing your gifts and powers to fruition and expressing them fully.

Frigg´s name means ¨beloved¨ and this goddess of love and marriage is one of the most revered and powerful deities in the Norse pantheon. She is married to the top god, Odin, and in this capacity serves as queen of the Aesir (one of the two main tribes in Norse mythology). In much the same way the matron of a noble house might run things in the mundane world, Frigg oversees domestic life, handles social arrangements and protocols, entertains dignitaries, and keeps peace in Asgard, the highest realm on the sacred world tree Yggdrasil, which myths says grows at the center of the cosmos. 

Legends tell us Frigg has another important job as well. She governs destiny and weaves the future, along with the woolen fabric from which the Aesir´s garments are made. As a goddess of fate, known as Wyrd in Norse mythology, naturally she possesses clairvoyance. She alters the course of events on earth by using a type of magic knowno as seidr, symbolically reweaving threads in her cosmic cloth. 

We are indebted to Frigg for giving us clouds. According to some legends, she wove them from sheep's wool, others say that the goddess shook out her eiderdown comforter and the feathers formed fluffy white clouds. 

Also considered the goddess of motherhood, Frigg embodies the ideal qualities of a good mother: unconditional love, protection, compassion, and nurturance. Women who want to become pregnant sought her aid, and mortal mothers looked to her for guidance. Her own story as a mother is a sad one. On the longest night of the year, the winter solstice, Frigg gave birth to a beautiful son, Baldur, the god of light and you. Her other son, Hodor, was blidn and known as the god of darkness. The trickster god, Loki, duped Hodor into shooting Baldur with an arrow poisoned by the juice of mistletoe. Devastated, Frigg tried to convince Hel, goddess of the underworld, to let Baldur live, and she agreed, but only if Frigg could get all creatures on earth to grieve her son. Only one, a giant named Thokk, refused, thus sealing Baldur's fate. 

Birds of prey were favorites to Frigg, including hawks, falcons, and ravens. Sometimes she is depicted wearing a cloak made of raven feathers. Folklore also tells us the goose was sacred to her. 

In early Germanic cultures, women who wanted children petitioned Frigg, you too can seek assistance from this goddess of fertility. As a mother who lost her beloved son, Frigg also offers hope and solace to bereaved women whose children have passed into the afterlife. 

As the norse goddess of matrimony, Frigg can help women, who want to attract mates with whom they can form enduring partnerships. If you worry that your partner has commitment issues, ask Frigg´s advice for overcoming his or her fears. Unlike nose goddess Freya, who is considered more of a libertine when it comes to love and sex, myths link Frigg with legalized marriage. She will also share her secrets for managing domestic affairs, running a household, and entertaining guests. Therefore, Frigg is a patroness of wives married to powerful men and who quietly guide the forces that make patriarchal governance possible. 

This activity solicits the aid of Frigg and asks her to bring you a partner who is right for you in every way. You will need: 

. A ballpoint pen

. 1 pink candle

. 1 red candle

. Jasmine, rose or ylang ylang essential oil

. Matches or a lighter

. A copper, iron, or earthenware bowl

. Cold water

1. With the ballpoint pen inscribe the letter X (the norse rune for love) on the candles. 

2. Anoint the candles, which represent you and your partner, with the essential oil. (do not rub on the wick)

3. Light the candles and drip two small blogs of wax in the bowl. Set the candles in the melted wax to hold them in place. 

4. Imagine you and your soul mate together. Feel this person´s presence forming in the air around you. 

5. Let the candles burn all the way down, so the pink and red wax melt together in the bowl. 

6. While the wax is still warm, shape it with your fingers to form a heart, mingling the pink and read. 

7. While the wax is still warm, empty the cold water into the bowl so the wax does not stick. Remove the wax heart and place it in your bedroom, or if you know feng shui, in the relationship Gua,(when you stand at your front door looking in, this is the far right section of your home). 

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