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“My heart aches for sisters more than anything, it aches for women helping women like flowers ache for spring.” —Rupi Kaur

From Skye Alexander’s “ Your Goddes Year“ book:

Dates for invititng her: June 26-July 2

The Egyptian goddess of happiness, Hathor is the personification of fulfillment, she embodies love, joy, creativity, and all things that make life worth living. Therefore, we honor her now in the fullness of summer, the season of abundance and ease. 

If there is such as thing as a woman´s woman, Hathor would be it. As a representative of the feminine force, she is linked in myth with beauty, fertility and motherhood. This pleasure loving goddess knows how to have a good time too, and enjoys music and dancing. 

The ancient Egyptians were skilled in the art of aromatherapy and used fragrant oils, gums, and resins for everything from seduction to embalming. Not surprisingly, this goddess of love and beauty likes to anoint herself with aromatics, supposedly she has a special fondness for myrrh, which is still priced today for its healing properties. Images of Hathor show her with elaborate eye make up, perhaps a combination of crushed malachite that Egyptian women used to prevent infections and kohl that protects the eyes from the sun´s glare. 

But Hathor is also charged with a great responsibility: aiding women in childbirth and guarding newborns as they emerge into this world. According to legend, she serves as a cosmic midwife and brings along to each infant´s birth a divine support team known as the Seven Hathors, who provide protection to the mothers and babes. She even foretells each child´s fate. But Hathor does not only offer blessings to women on earth, she also oversees their passage into the afterlife where according to the Book of Dead, they can live on as followers of the goddess. 

Hathor often appears wearing a headdress with two curved horns that hold the sun between them. 

Have you forgotten what it means to be truly joyful? To revel in happiness and to actualize your creative potential? If so, call upon Hathor to help you reconnect with the happiness that is rightfully yours. Ask her to show you how to cast out negative beliefs that erroneously link pleasure with sin. This goddess of protection can also aid expectant mothers through the challenge of childbirth. 

The lovely Hathor liked to deck herself out with jewelry, especially made of turquoise and malachite, which have been mined in Egypt for thousands of years. Often she is shown wearing a golden meant, a collar-like necklace set with beads that was believed to disperse evil and to engender fertility. It can also be used as a percussion instrument. 

If you or someone you know will soon have a baby, enact this ritual to attract Hathor´s divine protection and healing. You can also do this to cleanse your living space of unwanted energies, celebrate life, and bring happiness into your home. You will need: 

. Incense (preferably myrrh or frankincense) 

. An incense holder

. Matches or a lighter

. Turquoise and/or malachite gemstones

. A menat, sistrum, rattle, drums or other musical instrument. 

1.-  If you like, put your favorite jewelry and wear colorful eye make up for this ritual.

2.- Fit the incense into the holder and set it on a table or other surface where it can burn safely

3.- Light the incense and invite Hathor to join you

4.- Hold the gemstones in the incense smoke for a few moments to cleanse them, then lay them on the table

 5.- Play music with your instrument of choice, feel the heavy, stressful, or unpleasant vibes dispersing and joyful, uplifting energies filling the space

6.- Pick up the incense holder and carry it carefully from room to room, letting the smoke purify your home

7.- Continue playing the instrument in each room if possible, breaking up stagnant energy and replacing with good vibes.

8.- When you have finished, place the gemstones in your own bedroom to provide ongoing protection, health, and happiness

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