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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

-Carl Jung

From Skye Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: April 10-16

This week we honor the Sumerian goddess Inanna, who later appears as Ishtar in Asyrian mythology. She’s linked withe the rainy season and the ancients revered her as the divine embodiment of beauty, fertility, love, and sexuality; therefore, she also epitomizes the lush, vibrant energy of spring. This powerful goddess governed all plant and animal growth, without her, life on earth couldn’t exist. However this beauty was notoriously vain, arrogant, and self-centered. She indulged in all sorts of pleasures and wallowed in luxury. She had a sister who ruled the underworld, Ereshkigal, queen of the dead and she summoned Inanna to visit the underworld. When she arrived she was forced to pass through 7 gates to reach her sister’s inner sanctum, in each gate she was required to sacrifice possessions. Finally humbled and naked, Inanna stood before her sister and and was killed. The earth grieved for the fertility goddess, and famine spread across the land, to prevent total devastation Ereshkigal allowed her sister to leave the underworld. (In some way it reminds me of Persephone’s myth)

Inanna teaches us to confront our dark side with courage and honest. To become whole we may need to give up possessions, attitudes, or behaviors to which we’re attached. Are we compromising ourselves for reasons of status, comfort or security? Ask the goddess to help face our fears and discover our inner strength. She’ll show us how to love the parts of ourselves that may not be pretty, in order ro restore our sense of self and establish balance in our life.

How to invite her:

This week examine the hidden parts of yourself, invite her to guide you through 7 gates known as the chakras, the vital energy centers in your body through which wisdom and healing enter.

  1. On day one, focus in matters related to the root chakra, including your family of origin, security and self preservation.

  2. On the two, pay attention to things concerning the sacral chakra, such as sexuality, creativity and financial matter.

  3. On day three, notice things associated with the solar plexus chakra, including self esteem and personal power.

  4. On day four, consider issues related to the heart chakra, including love, relationships and self acceptance.

  5. On day five, focus on matters involving the throat chakra, such as self expression, honesty and the exchange of ideas.

  6. On day six, connect with issues associated with the brow chakra: intuition, insight and imagination.

  7. On day seven, turn your attention to the crown chakra, which connects you to higher levels of awareness, divine wisdom and your spirit guides.

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