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“Whatever is rejected from the self appears in the world as an event.¨ -C.G. Jung

From Skye Alexander’s Your Goddess Year 📖 Dates For Inviting Her:

September 25-October 1

We are now entering the time of the year when we reap what we've sown not only in terms of harvesting crops but also with regard to our actions in all areas of life. This week, we recognize Nemesis, the Greek goddess of justice and retribution, who shows us where we stand and what we need to work on.

Today we use the word nemesis to mean an opponent, rival, or enemy-and often that person is you, or what psychiatrist C.G.Jung called your "Shadow". In Greek mythology, the goddess by this name forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror and see the truth. She also reminds human beings to honor the deities, and woe be to those who neglect to pay their respects.

Nemesis doesn't care how rich or famous you are; she takes all mortals to task and subjects them equally to her authority. Her job is to make sure justice prevails. In fact, she can be especially hard on those who think they'te above the law or deserve special treatment.

This goddess of justice and retribution sometimes appears holding a

whip, sword, or scourge, presumably with which to punish wrongdoers. Sometimes artists show her with wings. In a well-known legend, Nemesis punished an insolent young man named Narcissus who treated badly the people who cared for him. In an act of divine retribution, the goddess led him to a reflecting pondand when he gazed at his image in the water he fell madly in love. Narcissus was so enamored of his good looks that he couldn't pull himself away from the pond; he died there. One story says that upon his death, the narcissus flower came into being.

Although Nemesis may be thought of as a vengeful and ruthless judge, her job is to prevent excesses and unconscionable behavior. Without her, What we Res-the cruel and powerful would destroy the balance necessary for life on gard to auras earth to exist.

Myths and art sometimes show Nemesis in the company of another

Greek goddess, Tyche, known as Fortuna (June 19-25) in Roman mythology.Tyche brings good fortune through lucky circumstances; Nemesis checks undeserved riches and favors. Together the deities establish balance.

Nemesis makes you painfully aware of how you've gotten off track-she

reveals your mistakes and points the way back to balance. Ask her to help you put your finances in order, for example, or start an exercise program to get in shape. She insists you take responsibility for your behavior. There's no avoiding this deity, who also goes by the name Adrestia, which means"inescapable.”

If someone has wronged you, Nemesis can assist you in bringing about

justice. Has a loved one treated you unkindly? A coworker took credit for your efforts? Are you involved in a legal dispute? The goddess demands the errant person to provide restitution, so matters can be resolved justly.


This ritual calls upon the goddess Nemesis to bring justice to a situation in which you feel you've been treated unfairly. It's also designed to let the person who has wronged you see his or her error.

You'll need:

Sandalwood incense

An incense holder

Matches or a lighter

The Justice card from a tarot deck (you can download this image if you don't have a tarot deck)

An image of the person who has wronged you

A mirror

An image of an old-fashioned scale

Chips of cedar or cedar bark

A fireproof container

1. Fit the incense into the holder, then set the holder on a table and light the incense.

2. Lay the tarot card in front of the incense.

3. Hold the image of the person who has wronged you in front of the mirror, so they can see themselves truly.

4. After a few moments, lay the person's image to the left of the tarot card.

Welcome Libra Season!

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