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“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Skye Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: May8-14

Like many earth goddesses throughout the world, the Inca’s Pachamama presided over both planting and harvesting the crops. This time of the year marks the end of the harvest in the Andes, when the last of the crops have been brought in and her people thank Pachamama for her gifts of abundance and well being.

During the planting season, Inca women sprinkled cornmeal, maize, in their terraced, mountainous fields to thank the deity for her blessings in the past and to request her continued assistance for a bountiful harvest in the future. They also buried food as offerings to the goddess.

Early legends sometimes describe this goddess as cruel and demanding, but usually she’s portrayed as calm, peace loving, and benevolent. If she’s disrespected, she shivered and her movement caused earthquakes. But although the goddess could bring destruction when she chose to, she’s a wild primal force of nature, after all Pachamama generally personifies the kind and generous mother deity who takes care of her earthly children, protects them, and shares her bounty with them. She’s synonymous with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and the mother of everything on the planet, her name means “mother of all.” The mountain peaks represented her breasts and the rivers her milk, which provided nourishment to her people. Sometimes she’s depicted as half woman, half mountain.

People in the Andes still honor the goddess today, seeking her blessings by offering gifts of food and drink to her. Her devotees prepare special ritual meals and serve the goddess first. They also sprinkle a beverage called chicha on the ground for the goddess and toast her before drinking themselves. So the Pachamama is the guest of honor and the source of continued good fortune.

Are you working hard to grow a business? Putting energy and imagination into fulfilling an artistic goal? Do you have an idea you want to bring to fruition? If so, ask Pachamama to nourish you endeavor with her creative power and help you manifest your dream. She can teach you how to attract abundance of all kinds, how to enjoy and share your riches, and how to prosper in your chosen field. By bringing you into balance with the earth, the goddess also enables you to draw upon nature’s life-restoring power, and to appreciate your connection with Mother Earth.

With this good luck ritual, the goddess will help you attract abundance in many forms.

You’ll need:

•A barbecue grill, cauldron, or fireplace.




•A small block of wood



  1. Build a fire in your preferred device.

  2. Light sticks of incense and position them at the corners of the grill or toss loose incense in the fire.

  3. Place the block of wood which represents abundance in the fire.

  4. Sprinkle a little beer at each corner of the grill to chase away unwanted spirits or energies.

  5. Pour some of the beer on the ground as an offering to Pachamama.

  6. Toast the goddess and then drink the remainder of the beer.

  7. Sprinkle some nuts on the ground for her and toss a few in the fire, then eat some.

  8. Offer prayers to the goddess and ask her to use her powers of fertility to increase your prosperity.

  9. If you wish you can now cook a ritual meal to celebrate. Remember to serve Pachamama first!

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