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“You can make anything by writing”

-C.S. Lewis

From Sky Alexander’s “Your Goddess Year” book:

Dates for inviting her: May 22-28

This week while the sun is in Gemini, the sign astrologers connect with literature, writing, and communication, we honor the the Egyptian goddess Seshat. She’s the divine patroness of librarians in a country that once was home to the renowned Library of Alexandria, the central repository if the world’s knowledge.

Seshat means “female scribe” and in her role as mistress of the House of Books, she took care of the scrolls that contained historical information, financial accounts, science and mathematics, medical knowledge, and secrets of magic. Additionally, according to myth, this deity stored a copy of each book written on earth in a heavenly library. She kept records of the pharaoh’s activities, theor governance of Egypt, wars with other nations and the booty captured, matters pertaining to lineage, taxes paid and due, economics, and so on. The goddess even used her understanding of astrology to determine how long each pharaoh would live. Sometimes she’s depicted wearing a headdress with a seven pointed star and crescent on it, perhaps indicating her expertise in astrology and astronomy, which she used to track cycles in Egypt’s destiny.

Her knowledge of building made her the patroness of carpenters, masons, and other craftsmen who work with their hands (interestingly, astrology links the hands with the sign Gemini). Seshat, also kept a census, logging the births, deed, and deaths of ordinary citizens as well as the rulers and divinities.

Seshat worked with Nephtys, goddess of death and mourning, preparing the souls of the deceased for their meeting with Ma’at and Osiris, and to help them on their journey to the afterlife.

Do you need help finding the right words for your novel, term paper, or business proposal? Ask her for inspiration and direction. She can also guide you in conveying information to other people, wether you’re teaching a class, meeting with clients or colleagues, or delivering a speech. This wise and literate goddess can assist you in learning a new subject or skill. She’ll even teach you how to attract something you desire by writing it into being. As the ancient Egyptians knew, writing is a form of magic that combines thought and emotion to produce an outcome.

This week enlist Seshat’s aid to manifest an objective in the physical world. Words have great power, which is why people use affirmations, incantations, and chants to generate results. Follow these steps to summon the guidance of Seshat:

  1. choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed, and can devote yourself to your endeavor.

  2. Begin writing a story that describes your situations and intention. Put yourself at the center of the activity. Don’t worry about your literary ability and don’t censor yourself.

  3. Engage your emotions. Envision the action and characters vividly. However you needn’t include every little detail of what will happen it’s actually better to let Seshat and the universe take care of some things. Your story can be short or long, but it should have a happy ending, the outcome you seek.

  4. When you’ve finished, thank Seshat for guiding you and trust the result will be right for you.

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