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Steph Bunt


¨My experience with Ceci was totally positive and unexpected. She gives the right and necessary tools so you can heal and understand the present in order to make better and more conscious decisions in the future. I highly recommend this reading as an opportunity to realize unknown or deeper parts of ourselves we need to work on to help us grow. Ceci connects and understands from a perspective with love. 


Lisa Depsey

Makeup Artist

¨I had the most incredible session with Ana Cecilia. She has this light that just exudes from her and is felt. So many moments where everything just hit right at home. And the weeks following, other things made complete sense, as well. I am so grateful to have had that connection and time with her. I will definitely be scheduling another session.



Jaime Gil

 Visual Artist

"Ceci's advice was very clear and positive to me. I think she is gifted with the ability to guide. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."



Orly L. & Tony T.

Graphic Designer / Film Maker

"Our session with Ana Cecilia was an experience that we will remember forever. We were immediately made to feel comfortable and open due to her confidence, positivity, and mystical energy. Her ability to connect with us, the cards, and the atmosphere that was built between us was not only a surprise but also an emotionally enlightening journey that was genuinely wonderful for both myself and my partner."

11 | 8 | 2018

Lucia Gomez


"The wisdom of the archetypes becomes [an] experience. (Ana) Ceci interprets the stage of the path in which one finds oneself giving clarity to emerge from the unconscious [the part that is semi-asleep and that needs to wake up] & move forward with strength and light."


Andrea Borbolla

Founder: Mukta Yoga

"The work that Ceci does is much more than an oracle. It is a sensitive and loving accompaniment. One can see what the roads and possibilities are. Ceci interprets with precision and clarity. For me, it was very therapeutic and I deeply appreciate her guidance. "


Paty Cabieses

Reiki Master & Teacher

¨Hi Ceci! I want to thank you for your excellent Tarot reading. Everything you said was very transparent and true! Very healing! It was impressive. It seemed as if you were seeing the movie of my life, and your recommendations were excellent. Thank you! Congratulations! You are a great Tarot interpreter!


Eric Descombes


¨To meet Ana Cecilia is like seeing for the first time a superior light. She is wholly connected with the universe and its flux. That bond allows her to guide you in understanding your current flow of affairs and the how's to building your future. Magic is Ana Cecilia in one word.¨




Natalia Porter

Industrial Designer

¨Ever since I met Cecilia years ago, I've had insightful and profound conversations with her. She is very perceptive and has the ability to engage in really powerful and thoughtful dialogues. Recently I had the experience of getting my chart, as well as my tarot cards read by her and I not only enjoyed this exchange but also learned a lot about myself, my past, present, and future.¨



Nina Binder

Actor & Coach

¨Ana is a sacred goddess who uses her divine gifts for the greater good and I love her for it. Many times have I benefited from her warm guidance, loving clarity, and wisdom. Thank you Ana!¨


Andrea Hintermaier

Actor & Acting Teacher

¨I did not expect this reading to be so clear and precise. But it was. Very helpful. Therefore I can highly recommend a session with Ana, She truly has a gift and does an amazing in manifesting your inner life on the outside with the Tarot cards, so you understand your situation way better than before. Highly recommended.



Gabriela Fernandez

Mother & Grandmother

¨My tarot reading with Ceci was incredible! I realized where I was in my spiritual journey and how I was not appreciating myself for the enormous effort I have done during so many years until now. I opened my eyes and that was wonderful! I was super happy, calm, and serene. I love and value myself enormously! It was magical.¨



Kalia S.

Industrial Designer

"I was at a point in my life where I needed to make some important decision. I went to see (Ana) Cecilia; she read my cards, they were illuminating and helped me make the right choice."

Ramiro H.

¨The session helped me to understand and take responsibility for a situation I was facing. To stop seeing as ¨chance¨ a situation in which I was also taking part. I've been able to make decisions with greater clarity from this reading. In the end, I think a (Life Path) reading is a tremendous opportunity to look at yourself and thus be able to move towards what you want. That is what I got in my session with Ana.¨


Sofia Diaz

"[Tarot is useful for me] Not as a prediction of my future, but as a tool to understand my present and thus create the future I desire."


Somatic Movement Educator

Parenting Coach