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Ciudad de México, México.

Ana Cecilia Stieglitz


M.S. , C.H.H.C.  Spiritual Alchemist,Witch, Actor, Mother.

  • Master in Science, Communication Design [M.S.], Pratt Institute NYC.

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach [CHHC], Institute for Integrative Nutrition [IIN].

  • Integrative Yoga Therapy, 200 Hr. Teachers Training, [Jay Brown & Mark Whitwell] Abhyasa Yoga Center, Brooklyn NY. 

  • Acting DYOM, Script Analysis, Scene Study [Susan Batson Studio] NYC.

  • Communication Studies [Universidad Iberoamericana] CDMX.

  • Initiate @ [The Modern Mystery School] Toronto, Canada.

The Shadow

Concept baptized by psychologist Carl G. Jung as ¨the shadow" of humanity or the collective unconscious. To understand and transcend the patterns that keep us tied to destructive patterns in relationships, addictions, or clinging to the past, the material, the third dimension.


Expectations inevitably fall into disappointment, which opens the doors of illusions, into freedom.


It is an act of courage to accept the unresolved aspects of ourselves, what we resist, what we judge, and especially what we reject in others.


¨As above, so below, as within, so without¨ one of the seven principle of hermetic Gnosticism recognizes the true nature of our existence. We're an individual and a collective consciousness. The concept of "detachment" is sometimes confused with ¨I disconnect from my feelings and the world¨; keeping uerselves sleepy, anxious a and distracted from our true esence, highest potential, and purpose; Obsessed with the material, in pursuit of pleasure, and avoiding uncomfortable feeling at all cost.

The reality is that in order to live a fulfilled life, it is necessary to feel and accept all our emotions; even the painful ones.  When we dare to dive inward, becoming conscious of the forgotten pieces of ourselves hiding in the unconscious. As we revisit old wounds/trauma (stagnant energy reflectid in our physical body as disease, and in world events.

As we learn to shift into a wider perspective and see ourselves and all circumstances from an elevated POV, we rewire our brain and gintegrate the disowned parts of our selves and heal.

Cuando las emociones no fluyen, la mente , el cuerpo, y el alma lo padecen.

El inconsciente se comunica a través del cuerpo y el espejo que en cada momento nos pone la vida. Aprendemos a escucharlo, respirando profundo, y dejamos caer las máscaras que nos separan. Disolvamos los istemas de creencias impuestos através de violencia y miedo. Solo son limitantes...


Estos patrones de pensamiento, y sentimientos encapsulados  –dolor, verguenza, culpa– ;  cargan milenios de programación socioeconómica–político–religiosa: toda una era de represión.


Somos una sociedad en transformación. El cambio constante es la única certeza. Despertar a esta realidad es el primer paso a descubrir nuestro potencial y verdadero propósito.

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