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Ciudad de México, México.

Aurora:  Feminine,

Latin; dawn, goddess of the dawn; rays of pink sunlight appearing just before sunrise.


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Self-healing - modern shamanism - meditation - the yogi's path - Alchemy, astrology - tarot - sacred geometry - angels - demons - mermaids...- acupuncture - Ayurveda - reiki - nutrition - healing frequency - the pineal gland - aromatherapy - herbal medicine - psychedelia - permaculture - love relationships - sex - film - theater expanding consciousness - books - micro-dosing, somatic experiencing and... and more!


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Orly L. & Tony T.

Graphic Designer / Film Maker

"Our session with Ana Cecilia was an experience that we will remember forever. We were immediately made to feel comfortable and open due to her confidence, positivity, and mystical energy. Her ability to connect with us, the cards, and the atmosphere that was built between us was not only a surprise but also an emotionally enlightening journey that was genuinely wonderful for both myself and

my partner."

Lucia G.


"The wisdom of the archetypes becomes [an] experience. (Ana) Ceci interprets the stage of the path in which one finds oneself giving clarity to emerge from the unconscious [the part that is semi-asleep and that needs to wake up] & move forward with strength and light."

Andrea B.

Founder: Mukta Yoga

"The work that Ceci does is much more than an oracle. It is a sensitive and loving accompaniment. One can see what the roads and possibilities are. Ceci interprets with precision and clarity. For me, it was very therapeutic and I deeply appreciate her guidance. "