Aurora:  Feminine,

Latin; goddess of the dawn; a ray of pink sunlight appearing just before sunrise.


At the crack of dawn, Aurora awaits.


The forgotten sister of Helios and Selene, the provider of enlightenment, happiness & well-being.


Aurora is the goddess of the arrival of light; of resurrection.


This sanctuary is a space dedicated to developing intuition and expanding human consciousness for happiness, well-being, and global harmony.


We hold your hand to meet the goddess, find clarity, and reveal your unique path.



Welcome to AuroraPod!

The Elements | Book of Shadows

¨ Whatever is rejected from the self appears in the world as an event.

C.G. Jung



Meet  Ana

Hypersensitive-empath. Ana has studied the teachings of Yoga, Alchemy, Tarot, and Astrology for more that 20 years. These esoteric practices stem from the Gnostic traditions in ancient Egypt, India, and the Jewish Kabbalah. For centuries, Oracles have been widely known to be powerful tools for divination, self-knowledge, and healing purposes.


A traumatic experience -that dramatically changed the course of Ana's life- ignited a self-reflective process, set her on a journey of healing self-discovery that continues today.


Ana is an initiate at The Modern Mystery School. She teaches therapeutic yoga, meditation, and is certified as a holistic health coach. Ana continues to deepen her studies in Astrology, Wicca, plant medicine, healing with crystals; frequency and light.

Ana Cecilia Stieglitz

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach [CHHC] Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Restorative Yoga Therapy 200 Hr Teachers Training [Jay Brown & Mark Whitwell] Abhyasa Yoga, Brooklyn NY

  • Master in Science | Communication Design [MS] Pratt Institute NYC

  • Developing Your Own Method Acting Intensive| Scene Study & Script Analysis [Susan Batson] Susan Batson Studio, NY, NY.

  • Communications Undergraduate Studies [Universidad Iberoamericana] CDMX

¨You meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it.¨


C.G. Jung


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Orly L. & Tony T.

Graphic Designer / Film Maker

"Our session with Ana Cecilia was an experience that we will remember forever. We were immediately made to feel comfortable and open due to her confidence, positivity, and mystical energy. Her ability to connect with us, the cards, and the atmosphere that was built between us was not only a surprise but also an emotionally enlightening journey that was genuinely wonderful for both myself and

my partner."

Lucia G.


"The wisdom of the archetypes becomes [an] experience. (Ana) Ceci interprets the stage of the path in which one finds oneself giving clarity to emerge from the unconscious [the part that is semi-asleep and that needs to wake up] & move forward with strength and light."

Andrea B.

Founder: Mukta Yoga

"The work that Ceci does is much more than an oracle. It is a sensitive and loving accompaniment. One can see what the roads and possibilities are. Ceci interprets with precision and clarity. For me, it was very therapeutic and I deeply appreciate her guidance. "

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